Spread over two days, the Forum will begin with a plenary session, including a panel discussion with leading political and civil society figures in Russia and the EU. Working groups will then focus in detail on key aspects of the Europe-Russia relationship, and how to deepen that relationship at a people-to-people level, despite current tensions. The Forum will conclude with a plenary session to summarise participants’ contributions, and consider ideas for the future.

Coming just two months after the Duma elections in Russia, the Boris Nemtsov Forum will also showcase a new generation of progressive, open-minded Russians who aspire to political and intellectual leadership, and who will be at the vanguard of Russia’s eventual transformation into a genuinely democratic country and partner of Europe.

The forum will start with a plenary session “Getting back on track: policy and priorities for a new relationship.” The discussion will take place at the European Parliament on November 16 at 14.00.

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Founder of Open Russia

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Founder of Boris Nemtsov Foundation

Zhanna Nemtsova

President of the European Parliament

Martin Schulz

Chair of Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

Guy Verhofstadt

Working groups

The event will include four working groups covering a broad range of important topics for discussion:

The Economy, Trade and Energy

The Economy, Trade and Energy

Looking at the vital commercial relationship between Russia and the EU and the prospective developments both now and in the future   ...
Governance and Politics

Governance and Politics

Analysing the political landscape in both Russia and the EU, and suggesting reforms to strengthen governance and embed European values...
Values and People

Values and People

Assessing prospects for enhancing citizens' contact with each other through exchanges in science, research, education, administration ...
EU and Russia in the World

EU and Russia in the World

Considering ways in which the Europe and Russia can work together to address global challenges, together and through multilateral...

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If you want to attend plenary sessions, pleaseRegister now

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