This working group will analyse the nature of the EU and Russian political and governance systems, and will consider ways in which both can be strengthened. What reforms are necessary to enhance Russia’s governance structure and democratic quality at federal and republic levels? How can the EU best address the crisis of confidence it is facing across Europe? How should the EU reform to be more relevant to both its own citizens and those who look to it as an example? What does the next generation of politicians in Russia hope for from the EU to build a fairer and more progressive society? What lessons can Russia learn from post-1989 democracies in the EU as it progresses towards a genuine pluralist democracy? The working group will develop ideas to strengthen governance and democratic politics in Russia, while also considering how the EU can continue its own evolution in this respect.

Co-chair (European side):

Marie Mendras

Co-chair (Russian side):

Vladimir Kara-Murza

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The Boris Nemtsov Foundation

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in Brussels, please contact: Open Russia