This working group will look at the importance of shared values and people-to-people contacts in the context of the evolving relationship between Russia and the EU. How best should the suspended dialogue on visa facilitation be progressed to ensure greater people-to-people  engagement? How should EU member states leverage Russia’s membership of values-based organisations like the Council of Europe and the OSCE to enhance respect for human rights and democratic values? In what sectors are Russians most keen to develop stronger contacts and partnerships with counterparts in the EU? How can the EU best ensure that it can continue to support Russian educational, cultural and social projects in the current environment? The working group will generate ideas to place people-to-people ties at the heart of future developments in the EU-Russia relationship.

Co-chair (European side):

Rostislav Valvoda
Rostislav Valvoda

Co-chair (Russian side):

Zhanna Nemtsova

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